Founded in 2002, VenEvent has been organising team building programs and events for companies ranging from Automotive industry, Health Care, Telecommunications and Technology, Financial, Energy, Consumer and Retail industry to Governmental and Public sector institutions.
With our project management approach we will answer, advice and try to meet your needs by creating optimal team building programs and events, providing selected and customised services at any region and location in Croatia and Slovenia.

VenEvent organise and manage all aspects of Team Building programs and events such as destination and venue selection, accommodation management, transfers, activities, coaching programs, corporate meetings and congress services, audio-video equipment, restaurants and catering, events, party, branding, budget planning and reporting, project coordination and supervision.

Investing in People

Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable to work with anyone, to trust and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences.

Reasons and purposes of your Team Building programs could be also:
– Communication & better Teamwork
– Preventing or Resolving conflicts
– Forming new team and getting to know
– Interactions with other departments
– Show employees appreciation
– Company celebration
– Spend time together and have fun

Team Building participants are not just employees, but also your partners, clients and customers, your vendors and suppliers.